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National Reference Laboratories

 The NRLs’ main responsibilities include: collaborating with EURLs; providing scientific and technical support to health or veterinary authorities for implementing coordinated control plans; and ensuring that the information supplied by the EURL is provided to both the authorities and official national laboratories. Within July 2007, all Member States have appointed one or more NRLs for parasites listed below:

The Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety, Institute of Veterinary Medicine - Technikerstraße 70, A-6020 Innsbruck
Contacts: Karl Schöpf; Walter Glawischnig; tel. +43 50555-71111; fax +43 50555-71333.
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EURLP Documents

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EU Regulations

 Official EU documents related to the activities of the EURLP (regulations, decisions, etc.).

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National Reference Laboratories of EEA and EU Candidate Countries

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
University "Ss.Cyril & Methodius" Skopje, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases - Lazar Pop Trajkov 5-7, 1000 Skopje
Contact: Jovana Stefanovska; tel. +389 23240759; fax +389 23114619.

Institute for Experimental Pathology, University of Iceland - v/Keldnaveg, IS-112 Reykjavík
Contact: Vala Friðriksdóttir; tel. +354 5855100; fax: +354 5673979.
Web site: KELDUR

National Veterinary, Institute Section for Parasitology - Pb. 750 Sentrum, 0106 Oslo

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