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Concept of cuteness is 'hardwired from age of three, 'sayscientists

Children as young as three recognise 'cuteness' in faces of people and animals

Humans are hardwired to prefer 'cute' faces from the age of three - and toddlers think dogs are more adorable than cats and...

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June 27th 2016 - Information day "Interventi Assistiti con gli Animali (IAA): la formazione e i percorsi formativi secondo le Linee Guida Nazionali"

Deadline: June 20th 2016
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Seat: Aula G.B. Rossi, Via Giano della Bella 34 - 00162 Roma
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February 26, 2016 - Riabilitazione assistita con equidi e sua potenziale applicazione nella malattia di parkinson. See attachment

May-December 2015 - Corso Base e...

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ISTITUTIONAL ACTIVITY. Guidelines for Animal Assisted Interventions

ISTITUTIONAL ACTIVITY. Guidelines for Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI)

At present, in Italy AAI have been recognized as official care by a Legislative Decree (DL.vo issued on February 28th 2003), however there is no specific legislation regulating them, which poses serious problems in terms of safety and protection of humans subjects. Indeed, those who can benefit from AAI are frail subjects and are mainly represented by children as they are often extremely trusting and may easily achieve a level of intimacy with animals, as well as elderly per- sons. In AAI, the activity performed by the “animal therapist” towards the “human patient” is very complex and to be successful, above all, should entail the contribution of many professional figures....

Published 08-31-2013 in Animal Assisted Interventions , last update 03-22-2016 More...




Borgi M, Cirulli F (2016). Pet Face: Mechanisms Underlying Human-Animal Relationships. Front Psychol 7:298.

Borgi, M., Loliva, D., Cerino, S., Chiarotti, F., Venerosi, A., Bramini, M., Nonnis, E., Marcelli, M., Vinti, C., De Santis, C., Bisacco, F., Fagerlie, M., Frascarelli, M., Cirulli, F. (2016). Effectiveness of a standardized equine-assisted therapy program for children with autism spectrum disorder. J Autism Dev Disord. 46:1-9

Borgi, M, Cirulli, F. (2015). Attitudes toward Animals among Kindergarten...


Animal-man interaction and human health

Animal-man interaction and human health (See Attachment)

Published 11-05-2015 in Animal Assisted Interventions , last update 11-05-2015 More...


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