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ISS : About Us : ISS Personnel : Carlo Petrini 

Carlo Petrini 
Senior Researcher

Telephone: +39 +39 06 4990 4021
Viale Regina Elena 299
00161 - Roma (I)


Curriculum vitae

Biographical Notes

Head of the Bioethics Unit, Office of the President, Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS)
Delegate of the President of the ISS on the National Bioethics Committee
Vice-Chair of the Ethics Committee of the ISS
Corresponding Member of the Pontifical Academy for Life

Author of more than 500 scientific publications, approximately 40% of which in peer-reviewed
indexed journals. A full list of publications is available at: (section: Publications)

- Born in Turin, 1965
- Degree in Biological Sciences, 1988 (110/110 with honour and mention. Prize Sgaravatti)
- Qualification to the Biologist Association, 1990
- Post-university specializations: Bioethics; Communications Sciences
- Cours Universitaires de langue, lettres et civilisation françaises (Université de Paris Sorbonne), 1984 (with honour)
- Prize Superior School of Journalism in Venice Mestre - Centre Kolbe
- Prize Atheste - Education Superintendency of Padua

- Since 2005: Senior researcher, ISS
- 1993-2005: Research assistant, ISS
- 1988-1993: Scholarships and contracts, ISS


2004-2007: at the National Centre of Epidemiology, Surveillance and Health Promotion (ISS): Head of the Bioethics Unit. Since 2007 the Bioethics Units has been located in the Office of the President of the ISS

1) Appointment from the Minister of the Health:
- Since 2011: Member of the Working Group of the Italian National Health Council “Platelet gel from placental blood”
- Since 2007: Member of the Committee on hematopoietic cord blood stem cells (Decree of the Minister of the Health, 20 February 2007)
2) Appointment from the Pontifical Academy for Life:
- Since 2011: Corresponding Member of the Pontifical Academy for Life
- Since 2010: Member of the Working Group “Cord blood biobanks: ethical, juridical, social and cultural implications”
3) Appointment from the President of the ISS:
- Since 2014: Representative of the ISS on the Medicines Utilization Monitoring Centre (Italian Medicines Agency)
- Since 2013: Delegate of the President of the ISS on the National Bioethics Committee
- Since 2011: Member of the Panel of Experts of the Italian National Health Council
- Since 2009: Member of the Commission for the Definition of Kidney Allocation Criteria (Italian National Transplant Centre)
- Since 2007: Member of the Ethics Committee of the General Hospital Fatebenefratelli
- Since 2006: Member of the National Commission for the Program of Crossover Kidney Transplant
- Since 2006: Member of the Interdepartmental Commission on Oncology of ISS
- Since 2005 to 2010: Member of the Ethics Committee of the Neurological Institute Casimiro Mondino
- Since 2005: Member of the Working Group on the living donor crossover kidney transplant (Italian National Transplant Centre)
- Since 2004: Member of the Ethics Committee of ISS (since 2014 also Vice-Chair)
- Since 2004: Member of the Ethics Committee of the Mediterranean Institute of Haematology
- Since 2004: Advisor of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for the disciplinary area: Bioethics
4) Appointment from the President of the Joint Commission National Bioethics Committee – National Committee for Biosecurity, Biotechnologies and Life Sciences (Presidency of the Council of Ministers):
- Expert for the Joint Commission (2009-2010) (Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers 17 February 2009)
- Member of the Commission on standardized informed consent for the storage of biological samples in biobanks (2008-2009)
5) Appointment from the President of the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment (now: National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development)(ENEA):
- Since 2003: Member of the Bioethics Committee of ENEA
6) Appointment from the Director of the Italian National Transplant Centre:
- Since 2009: Member of the Advisory Committee for the authorisation of autologous-dedicated conservation of cord blood (Decree of the Minister of the Health 18 November 2009; Decree of the Minister of the Health 23 November 2012)
- Since 2007: Member of the Permanent Technical Council for Transplant
7) Appointment from the President of the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Naples:
- Since 2011: Member of the Ethics Committee of the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn
8) Appointment from the Director of the Italian National Blood Center:
- Since 2013: Member of the Working group on hyperimmune blood plasma
9) Appointment from the Director of the Italian National Blood Center:
- Since 2013: Member of the Working group on hyperimmune blood plasma
11) Other institutionary appointments:
- Advisor on the Ethics Committee Lazio-2.
- Member of the Editorial Board of:
+ Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs
+ International Journal of Clinical Therapeutics and Diagnosis
+ Journal of Clinical Research & Bioethics
- Contributor to “L’Osservatore Romano”
- Since 2013: Ethics adviser of the Front Door of the Italian Advanced Translational Research Infrastructure (IATRIS)
- Since 2012: Member of the Working Group “Disposal of Hematopoietic Stem Cells” of the Italian Society of Hemapheresis and Cell Manipulation (SIdEM)
- Since 2012: Member of the Ethics Committee of the Health Agency Rome-C
- Since 2012: Professor at the Master in “Professional responsibility of the physician and of the odontologist”, Justice and Health Association (Associazione Giustizia e Sanità) – Italian Supreme Court of Cassation
- Since 2011: Member of the Working Group on Ethical Issues of Alzheimer Europe
- Since 2011: Member of the Working Group “Proposal of a regulation for research biobanks and of criteria for sample donation” of the Italian Node of “BBMRI: Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure”
- Since 2011: Ethics Advisor of the project “The impact of DEmographic Changes on Infectious DisEases transmission and control in middle/low income countries, DECIDE” (European Research Council and Bocconi University, Dondena Centre)
- Since 2010: Member of the Advisory Board of the project “Italy and its regions”, Institute of the Italian Encyclopaedia Treccani
- 2010: Member of the technical commission of the prize Alesini - Cittadinanzattiva - Amgen “Good practices in the patient-centred care”
- Since 2009: Member of the Advisory Board of “Clinical Trial Magnifier”
- 2009- 2010: Member of the International Advisory Board of the manual “Reviewing clinical trials: A guide for ethics committee” (Clinical Trials Centre, University of Hong Kong; Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Projects Protection Programs, Washington DC)
- Since 2000: Scientific director of courses of the ISS on the ethics of: clinical trials, public health, environmental and health risks

Research Activity

- Since 1996: Researches in bioethics
- 1991-2000: Researches in bioelectromagnetism
- 1988-1991: Researches in virology
- Speaker and chairman to congresses and conferences on bioethics
- Reviewer for international journals (bioethical issues)
- Author of the book "Bioetica, ambiente rischio" ("Bioethics, environment, risk". I edition: 2002, 448 pag. - II edition: 2003, 557 pag.). The book received the International Prize Peccei

Research Projects

1) Scientific responsibility:
- Participating Unit "Bioethics", Project "Nosographic revision of vegetative states: application of behavioural analysis methods in the study of subjects in coma and vegetative state" (Ministry of Health; 2010-2012)
- Working Group "Bioethics", Program 1 of "Alleanza Contro il Cancro" (Alliance Against Cancer) on: "Reduction of disparities in the patients’ access to diagnostic and therapeutic resources", work package 5: "Establishment of a national information service on cancer" (2008-2010)
- EuroPHEN - European Public Health Ethics Network (Convention ISS/European Commission; Scientific responsible since 2003)

2) Partnership:
- RD-CONNECT: An integrated platform connecting registries, biobanks and clinical bioinformatics for rare disease research (since 2012)
- BBMRI: Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure (since 2010)
- The Network of Italian Oncologic Banks (RIBBO) of "Alleanza Contro il Cancro". Cooperating Unit 1: Bioethics (since 2009)
- EATRIS - The European Advanced Translational Research Infrastructure in Medicines (since 2007)
- AD Care - Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and antipsychotics: a long term, multicentre, double blind, randomised clinical trial (member of the Data and Safety Monitoring Board; since 2007)
- EUROCAN+PLUS - Feasibility Study for Coordination of National Cancer Activities (since 2006)
- Bioethical issues in clinical experimentation or techniques utilizing ionizing radiations (since 2001)
- Retrieval and diffusion of information in the field of the bioethics by means of an integrated electronic system (since 1999)

3) Collaboration:
- Ethicsweb: Inter-connected European information and documentation system for ethics and science: European Ethics Documentation Centre (since 2008)

Incarichi Istituzionali

- Since 2010: Professor at the International Master in BioLaw. Research Institute Biogem
- Since 2002: Professor at the Master in Environmental Sciences of the Pontifical Regina Apostolorum University and, since 2006, of the European University of Rome
- Since 2002: Member of the Ethical Core of the project “Genome-wide analyses of European twin and population cohorts to identify genes predisposing to common diseases”
- Since 2001: Professor of Environmental Ethics and of Public Health Ethics, Faculty of Bioethics - Pontifical Regina Apostolorum University
- 2001-2002: Professor of bioethics, Faculty of Medicine - Catholic University of the Sacred Heart
- 1999-2013: Entrusted of the section “Ethics of the Biology” of the journal “Biologi Italiani”
- Supervisor to thesis of degree and doctorate in bioethics
- Teacher in various courses of bioethics
- Advisor on bioethical issues to:
+ European Commission
+ Italian Data Protection Authority
+ Italian National Blood Centre
+ Italian National Transplant Centre
+ Italian Superior Council of Magistracy
+ European Science Foundation
+ Ministry of Health
+ Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace
+ Senate of the Italian Republic


- Since 2010: Italian Society for Safety and Quality in Transplant (SISQT)
- Since 2009: Italian Society for Organ Transplantation (SITO)
- Since 2009: The Italian Society of Environment and Health
- Since 2008: European Public Health Law Network (EPHLN)
- Since 2000: Italian Society for Bioethics and the Ethics Committees (SIBCE)
- Since 2000: Association of Scientists and Technologists for the Ethics of the Development (STES)
- Since 1995: European Countries Biologists Association
- Since 1990: Directive of the “International Communication Society"
- Since 1990: Scientific committee of the journal “Innovazione, Comunicazione, Sviluppo”



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