Global health and health inequalities


Global health and health inequalities

Health inequalities and social determinants

Despite the continuous increase in the average level of health observed in recent decades, important differences in terms of life expectancy, disease and disability are present both within and between countries.

These differences, if not justified from a biological point of view, can be defined as unfair because they are avoidable and attributable to the determinants capable of affecting health.

The fight against health inequalities therefore requires a holistic and intersectoral approach that involves collaboration and integration between different sectors of health and non-health policies, in line with the 2030 Agenda's sustainable development goals.

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In this context, a Temporary mission structure on "Health Inequalities" was recently established in ISS in order to orient research priorities for the reduction of health inequalities and to establish a link with other national and international stakeholders operating in this area.

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Variabilità territoriali in termini di salute


La conoscenza della variabilità nelle condizioni di salute della popolazione a seconda dell’area di residenza sul territorio nazionale è importante per l’individuazione di eventuali criticità e per la programmazione e la modulazione di interventi efficaci.

I profili di salute, basati sui flussi di dati sanitari correnti, elaborati dal Servizio di Statistica offrono una panoramica dettagliata della salute nel nostro Paese e permettono la comparazione dei dati per vari livelli territoriali, specificamente: nazionale, regionale e per Azienda Sanitaria Locale.





Health inequalities and social determinants