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Back If you know how to navigate, you know how to drink

Educational tool kit from which you can build your own training program on alcohol and driving.
The kit contains: 

  • The handbook: ‘If you know how to navigate, you know how to drink’ 
    It helps teachers navigate across a flexible and articulated educational program that they can customize to the needs of their students
  • The video: ‘You ... and’ 
    This is a video that constitutes the core of the program and is designed to group discussions on the topic of alcohol and driving
  • The guidebook: ‘Alcohol: do you know what’s in your drink?’ 
    It contains, in a nutshell, all the most important information about alcohol and its effects
  • The CD: ‘If you know how to navigate, you know how to drink’

Target: lower and upper school students and their teachers

Product: hard copy and multimedia

Produced in 2005. Several thousands of copies were sent to anyone who applied. Currently out of stock.

Organization of reference: National Centre for Addiction and Doping 
Contact persons: Roberta Pacifici

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