Global health and health inequalities


Global health and health inequalities

Migration and health

In this particular historical moment and in a geopolitical context characterized by massive migratory flows, the study and analysis of factors capable of influencing health (the so-called health determinants) in the migratory context and in the countries of origin, transit and destination, including Italy, constitute a fundamental prerequisite for defining suitable policies and for organizing an offer that is truly inclusive and fair.

The collaboration with other public and private bodies, institutions and associations, national and international, allows research in the field of health of migrants, refugees and rom; methodologies to approach data and information of this phenomenon which is, by its nature, dynamic and complex, barriers to accessing health services for migrant populations.


Italian National Focal Point – Infectious diseases and migrant

Il NFP italiano è una Rete di oltre 70 esperti di Istituzioni Pubbliche, Organizzazioni Non Governative, Associazioni di Volontariato e Referenti di Comunità di Migranti, impegnati nell’area della promozione e tutela della salute nonché della prevenzione, diagnosi e cura delle malattie infettive in ambito transculturale.


Infectious diseases


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