Everything you need to know

At the gym

When you return to the gym (as soon as coronavirus restrictions are lifted) it is essential you   take all necessary measures to resume training safely and adopt a proper code of behaviour to prevent you from getting infected:

  • Never share water bottles and flasks, only use disposable glasses
  • Use personal towels before laying down on mats
  • In case of group lessons, make sure mats are placed at least one metre away from each other
  • Use an alcohol-based sanitiser to clean the fitness equipment before and after you use it
  • Keep at least a one-meter social distancing during workout
  • Don’t bring or eat food in locker rooms
  • Use automatic hand sanitiser dispensers both in fitness areas and locker rooms
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water  
  • Stay home in case of flu-like symptoms  

The situation in swimming pools is better than in gyms, as chlorine is a disinfectant generally used for sanitation purposes.

Physical exercise, whenever possible, shall be preferably performed outdoors, for instance in city parks. Alternatively, several fitness apps are available, offering exercises at home with video tutorials and vocal coaches.