Everything you need to know

At hair salons and beauty clinics

Always call ahead to make an appointment with your hairstylist and specify what services you will be requiring so to cut down on in-salon time.

The stylist shall:

  • Set up dedicated areas for technical jobs like colouring
  • Space out stations - at least 2 meters between each chair, and sanitise the venue every day
  • Make sure both staff and patrons use face masks

Beauty clinics shall provide options alternative to traditional steam treatments. Saunas, Turkish baths and Jacuzzis shall not be available for guests to use.

  • During beauty treatments, cubicles shall be closed
  • Use hydroalcoholic or chlorine-based products to disinfect all equipment
  • Staff turnover shall be ensured
  • Face treatments shall be performed by beauticians wearing both surgical masks and face shields

As regards the venue, it is advisable to keep the doors open and switch heating and cooling systems off.

For the full report, please click https://www.inail.it/cs/internet/docs/alg-pubbl-doc-tecn-ipotesi-rimod-parrucchieri-trat-estetici.pdf