Reference laboratories

European Union Reference Laboratory for Parasites

PT-04: Detection of Anisakidae L3 larvae in fish fillets

Aim of the PT: detection of Anisakidae larvae in fish fillet.

Who can participate to the PT: all the National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for parasites from EU member states or associated countries.

Procedure to analyse the panel of samples: a panel of 3 PT items is delivered to the participants. Each item consist of a fish sandwich spiked or not with Anisakidae L3 larvae free of their capsule. Participants are requested to analyze the items within 3 days after the delivery to the lab by one of the following methods: i) candling; ii) compressorium; iii) UV examination after freezing; iv) digestion.

Criteria for the result evaluation: results evaluation is only qualitative. Results are considered “correct” if the laboratory properly identify items spiked or not with Anisakidae larvae, or “incorrect” in case of false positives or false negatives. The participating laboratory shall indicate the number of larvae detected in each item. The final evaluation is “positive” if the results of all items are correct, or “negative” if at least one result is incorrect.