Research as a profession

null IntervISSte ai giovani ricercatori (Interviews with Young ISS Researchers) 

In order to guide young secondary school students towards pursuing a career as researchers, the ISS Scientific Communication Service launched a project called "IntervISSte" (ISS Interviews): a video repository detailing the stories, anecdotes and feelings that motivated young ISS researchers to achieve important professional goals. In addition to the scientific achievements of researchers, interviews describe their lives, educational backgrounds and passions outside the world of research in a way that brings out similarities with viewers, making for an enticing and enjoyable communication experience. 

Target: lower and upper secondary school students 
Product: videos posted on social media and DVDs 

This activity is based on a series of interviews with young ISS researchers who, during their career, have achieved important scientific goals by emerging in their fields of expertise through scientific publications in international journals, funded research projects and scientific awards. The aim of interviSSte is to reach out to young people - secondary school students who are seeking orientation on their university choices - through a medium that is immediate and easily accessible on countless platforms: i.e., videos. Thus, several videos will be produced that are just a few minutes long and can be easily uploaded on institutional social networks or downloaded directly from various platforms. Videos can be circulated in whatever way ISS deems appropriate.

Implementation Timeline: January - December 2019.
This product will be accessible and ISS staff is available to give presentations in schools.

Organization of Reference: Scientific Communication Service 
Contact Persons: Alessandro Mustazzolu, Paola De Castro