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null Biophysics Laboratory

Cooperating with the LAB2GO Scienza Dual Education and Work-based Learning project of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and Sapienza University of Rome ( The general aim of this project is to help disseminate laboratory practices in schools. For this purpose, upper secondary school students were hosted by the biophysics laboratory at the National Centre for Innovative Public Health Technologies (TISP) of the ISS.

Target: upper secondary school students
Product: visits to the ISS biophysics laboratory

Students from 7 upper secondary schools came to visit the biophysics laboratory at the TISP of the ISS where an alpha particle irradiation system is used to irradiate cell cultures. Researchers explained how the system works and how to conduct experiments in which cell cultures are irradiated with alpha particles. The impact of radiotherapy research on our health was highlighted with the aim of improving innovative technologies.
Implementation dates: 16 and 31 January 2019; 7 February 2019.

It is a replicable event and about 80 students have already participated in this project. 
ISS researchers are available to give presentations in schools.

Organization of Reference: National Centre of Innovative Public Health Technologies 
Contact Person: Giuseppe Esposito