Research as a profession

Be a Researcher for a Day at the National Twin Register

This event falls within the scope of the activities of the National Twin Register run by the Reference Centre for Behavioural Sciences and Mental Health of the ISS. The Registry is a biomedical research tool that includes pairs of twins who reside in Italy and want to participate in medical and scientific research projects to improve the health of the Italian population. In addition to studying the role of genetic and environmental factors in the expression of individual traits (e.g., height, possible illnesses, psychological wellbeing), the Registry actively disseminates and promotes scientific knowledge. 

Target: lower secondary school students 
Products: classroom lectures and surveys 

Interactive Classroom lessons and Surveys in which Kids Are Major Players in all the Stages 
The activity of the National Twin Register is described during two classroom lessons, as well as the potential of studies based on twin samples; also, researchers explain more general concepts relative to scientific method and twin biology. Theoretical explanations are then followed by more practical activities, with students planning an epidemiological study. Kids are the major players in conducting the survey from beginning to end. The last step is a presentation of the study and its findings to an audience of adults and/or students from their school. 
This event was organized in 2018 in an upper secondary school in the province of Rome. ISS researchers are available to repeat this project in other schools. 

Organization of Reference: Reference Centre for Behavioural Sciences and Mental Health.
Contact Person: Emanuela Medda