Research as a profession

Let’s do STEM: More Girls for Science

This initiative is meant to promote young women’s empowerment and gender equality starting from early adolescence. The aim is to direct young girls towards scientific studies, guiding them to make informed choices, that are not dictated by prejudice or a lack of confidence in their capacities. Young female university students and experienced women who have reached prominent positions in the scientific community organize interactive meetings and workshops in schools and/or libraries to debunk the myth of girls’ alleged inferiority in scientific subjects.

Target: upper secondary students and teachers
Products: paper, digital and multimedia material 

The National Centre for Radiation Protection and Computational Physics contributes to this project with one of its female researchers, a physicist, who begins by discussing a topic related to her scientific work and then explains the university course for girls interested in the STEM curriculum. Talking about professional experiences abroad, in university research labs, and in Italy, in a major public research institution, speakers provide useful hints to upper secondary school girls enabling them to make informed choices about their future studies in physics. This event took place on 7 May 2018 and 7 March 2019 with 70 people participating.
It can be replicated upon request and presented in schools.

Organization of Reference: National Centre for Radiation Protection and Computational Physics 
Contact Person: Carmen Carpentieri