Reference laboratories

European Union Reference Laboratory for Escherichia coli

Training at the EURL-VTEC

The EURL-VTEC offers laboratory training for the staff of the NRLs of EU Member States or third countries. All the training sessions are based on a hands-on approach and consist in visits to the EURL VTEC of trainees interested in improving their knowledge about methodologies and techniques for pathogenic E. coli detection, identification, and typing. A dedicated budget from the European Commission is usually allocated to support visits of scientists from EU NRLs.  

To request a training stage or the participation in a EURL-VTEC course, please compile the form in the “services” section of this website or linked below. The applications will be accepted only for the dates included in the calendar of stages and courses published below. From 2020 the possibility to apply for participating in the stages and courses remotely has been added. Please select the “remote online attendance” option in the form to indicate this preference. 

Five different training programs are currently available at EURL-VTEC and are reported below, together with the online specific programs. Visit this section regularly for the programs’ update or for new training events.


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