Chemical substances and health protection

Dangerous Preparations Archive

According to the Legislative Decree 14 March 2003, n. 65 "Implementation of Directives 1999/45 / CE and 2001/60 / CE relating to the classification, packaging and labeling of dangerous preparations" published in the Official Gazette no. 87 of 14 April 2003 - Ordinary Supplement no. 61 "The Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) is the body responsible for receiving information relating to preparations placed on the market and considered dangerous for their effects on health or on the basis of their effects on the physical and chemical level, including the chemical composition, regulated by this decree."

Lead: Dr.ssa R. Draisci (Director of the National Center for Chemical Substances, Cosmetic Products and Consumer Protection - CNSC)

Scientific Lead: Dr. Sonia D'Ilio; Dr. Leonello Attias (CNSC)