Dispense per la scuola

SCHOOL TRAINING MATERIAL containing useful suggestions for teachers to develop educational health related activities at school on specific topics of interest for young people.

In Italian, with English abstract.

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Back Dispense per la scuola. 16/1. A short history on cancer research: a tool for students to approach research/Breve storia della ricerca sul cancro: un racconto per educare alla ricerca. (in Italian)

A short history on cancer research: a tool for students to approach research. Anna Di Lonardo, Laura Bracci and Simonetta Pulciani. 2016, 66, v p.

Dispense per la scuola 16/1 (in Italian)

This booklet describes the scientific path undertaken to understand cancer from the time of Hippocrates to present day genomics.This booklet also aims to highlight old theories and achievements that are the cornerstones of our modern cancer research. Hippocrates had postulated the earliest scientific theory about cancer and established a new approach in studying this disease. Thereafter, the scientists continued the path and gained knowledge fundamental in the understanding of cancer onset and development. Finally, the booklet gives an insight of the modern achievements and technologies stressing their crucial role played in cancer diagnosis and therapy.

Published 12/11/2020