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Volume 34, no. 12, December 2021. From waiting lists to transplantation: how professionalism is differently perceived by patients in the process of treatment? 2nd National Conference. In-fertility: a multidisciplinary approach. Results of an EFSA Project on how to make predictions about human variability in the risk assessment of toxic substances by involving in vitro methods and silico models.

Volume 34, no. 11, November 2021. HIV/AIDS infection in Italy up to December 31, 2020.

Volume 34, no. 10, October 2021. National Early Warning System: a project against the diffusion of New Psychoactive Substances. PASSI and PASSI d’Argento surveillance systems as data sources on health-related Sustainable Development Goals in Italy. Development of the Italian environment and health network: the RIAS project and the ISS role.

Volume 34, no. 9, September 2021. Pepper Mild Mottle Virus in Italian waters: a candidate that could work as a viral indicator of faecal contamination. New global targets for Neglected Tropical Diseases in the World Health Organization roadmap 2021-2030. Risk of corruption: monitoring and management through an IT platform

Volume 34, no. 7-8, July-August 2021. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs): updates on data gathered from the two Italian sentinel surveillance systems up to the 31st December 2019

Volume 34, no. 6, June 2021. Playing safely: the microbiological control of toys containing aqueous media. Hepatitis A in Italy in the last five years: data from the surveillance of acute viral hepatitis SEIEVA 2015-2019. Sexually Transmitted Infections and sexual health: introduction to educational activities within the Italian school context.

Volume 34, no. 5, May 2021. A survey on Italian nursing home for elderly during COVID-19 pandemics: what implications for public health? Use of new mobile and gaming technologies for the assessment and rehabilitation of persons with ataxia. Stop smoking: a video clip promoting the tobacco tool-free number 800554088 of the Italian National Institute of Health

Volume 34, no. 4, April 2021. Water and health: a fragile balance threatened by the effects of environmental and climate change. Pandemic emergency and use of hand disinfectants in healthcare settings: how to assess the exposure for professionals. Conference. Detergents: state of the art and future prospects. Application of the legislation at national and European level

The Italian health research in partnership with Africa: a survey on the ongoing projects. Annex to Volume 34, no. 3, March 2021.

Volume 34, no. 3, March 2021. Genetic test, a quality. Endocrine disruptors in cosmetics and clothing. Health research in partnership between Italy and Africa: a survey of the RicercaItaliaAfrica Initiative of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. Let's talk about Smart Working.

Volume 34, no. 2, February 2021. Sedentariness and physical inactivity during COVID-19 pandemic: why we should be physically active. Equine Assisted Interventions for eating behaviour disorders: a pilot study. Test report and certificate of analysis: some considerations.

Volume 34, no. 1, January 2021. Screening strategies for the elimination of Hepatitis C Virus in Italy. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people with dementia. How to make FAIR a project: open access to research data and the RaCHy - Radiotherapy Coupled with Hyperthermia research project.