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Back Rapporto ISTISAN 21/12 - Italian recommendations for the use of proton beam radiotherapy. M. Amichetti, M. Ciocca, E. Cisbani, M. Curzel, C. De Angelis, M. Durante, G. Esposito, M. Ferrarini, R. Orecchia, E. Orlandi, L. Raffaele, A. Rosi, M. Schwarz, C. Spatola, M.A. Tabocchini, S. Tampellini, F. Valvo, S. Vennarini

Istituto Superiore di Sanità
Italian recommendations for the use of proton beam radiotherapy.
Maurizio Amichetti, Mario Ciocca, Evaristo Cisbani, Mauro Curzel, Cinzia De Angelis, Marco Durante, Giuseppe Esposito, Michele Ferrarini, Roberto Orecchia, Ester Orlandi, Luigi Raffaele, Antonella Rosi, Marco Schwarz, Corrado Spatola, Maria Antonella Tabocchini, Sara Tampellini, Francesca Valvo, Sabina Vennarini
2021, viii, 112 p. Rapporti ISTISAN 21/12 (in Italian)

Several Centres are currently operative worldwide in the Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) practice and many other are in the process of being activated or close to opening. The clinical indication for the use of PBT especially for paediatric tumours raises many questions, above all for the limited number of follow-up data due to the scarce diffusion of dedicated machines in the recent past. Now that PBT is beginning to affect the number of radiotherapy treatments performed annually, more and more clinical data will become available. The objective of this document is to provide, on the one hand, a reference tool to operators in the sector who use or intend to evaluate the use of PBT and, on the other, to support the National Health Service in defining a strategy of development and diffusion at national level of this technology/therapeutic approach.
Key words: Quality assurance; Proton radiotherapy; Radiation protection

Published 19/07/2021