Innovative technologies for health and telemedicine

Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering

Tissue regeneration is an active field of research, the aim of which is the reconstruction of tissues or entire organs to overcome the difficulties of finding suitable donor substitutes.

In many sectors excellent results are being obtained such as in the reconstruction of human bone both to treat destructive and degenerative pathologies and to have bone substitutes in case of serious accident damage.

Through 3D structural and microstructural investigations, it is possible to support the development and research of pharmacological solutions even without animal or other model (stem cells) that can contribute to the total repair of damage suffered by the human bone structure.

For years, through 3D micro-morphometric analyzes, the ISS has been contributing to the research and development of supports (scaffolds) for tissue regrowth both at the level of hard and soft tissue. Scaffold development is being carried out at the TISP center by means of advanced methodologies such as electrospinning and 3D printing.