Rare diseases

Health humanities

Health humanities can be defined as a common ground between arts and humanistic culture, health and social sciences, ideal mixture to support health care and well-being. 

In this context, the Laboratory of Health humanities of the National center for rare diseases, Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) runs since 2008 many research, education and communication activities. From the elaboration of recommendations on the use of narrative medicine and the evaluation of their use in the clinical-care, to international research projects such as SToRe: Story Telling on Record on the integration of the narratives of patients, family members and health professionals in the medical records, to frontal lessons and activities on Arts and Medicine for high school students during their annual work-related learning experience.  

A significant part of the Lab activities is dedicated to the organization of the competition The Flight of Pegasus (Il Volo di Pegaso). Now in its thirteenth edition, The Flight of Pegasus is a artistic and musical competition yearly organized to raise awareness on rare diseases. 

The artistic and musical competition "The Flight of Pegasus"

The artistic and musical competition "The Flight Pegasus", planned and promoted by the National center for rare diseases, ISS, has two main targets:

  • to give a chance for expressive spaces to people with rare diseases, their families as well as health professionals
  • to promote knowledge of the complex world of rare diseases through multiple channels, consolidating the link between narration, in its various forms, and health promotion

The key topic of the 14th edition is "THE FAIRY TALE IS THE PLACE OF ALL SUGGESTIONS" and all artworks must be inspired to this theme. Entries will be assessed for the art award by a judging panel of qualified experts. 

The competition is distinguished in the following SECTIONS:

  • LITERARY Arts: fiction and poetry (in Italian language)
  • VISUAL Arts: drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, digital art
  • MUSIC: musical composition and musical interpretation

Categories, rules and the registration form are in the Competition Call.

The deadline to participate is November 1, 2021.

The Award Ceremony will take place, as a part of the celebrations for the Rare Disease Day 2022.

News on The Flight of Pegasus will be published on this page and on the dedicated social networks:

•    Facebook @IlVoloDiPegaso 
•    Twitter @concorsopegaso 
•    Instagram @ilvolodipegaso 

For further information: please, visit the dedicated area in Italian language.