Responsible: Dr. Giada Minelli
phone: (+39) 06 4990 4187

Service activities

The activities of the Statistical Service (STAT) are aimed at contributing to the knowledge of the health status of the population.

Specifically, the STAT Service:

  • manages databases of mortality (source: Istat) and hospitalizations (source: Ministry of Health) in Italy
  • carries out statistical-epidemiological analysis of demographic and health data from current flows
  • develops health profiles at various territorial levels, including through a special website (Profili di salute), designed for health service professionals (level of local health companies) and accessible to the public for national and regional data
  • carries out scientific research and institutional research activities at national and international level
  • represents the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) in the national statistical system (SISTAN) and takes care of all its obligations; promotes and coordinates the contribution of the ISS to the Official Statistics of our Country within the National Statistical Program - PSN (link to the Italian website)