Clinical governance, National guidelines system (SNLG) and HTA

Essential Assistance Levels (LEA)

The Essential Levels of Assistance (LEA) are the services and benefits that the National Health Service (SSN) is required to provide to all citizens, free of charge or upon payment of a participation fee (ticket), with the public resources collected through general taxation (taxes).

The Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) provides methodological support for the analysis of techniques, procedures and health services to be introduced in the essential levels of assistance. In particular, the ISS participates in the National Commission for the updating of the LEAs and the promotion of appropriateness in the National Health Service (SSN), envisaged by the 2016 stability law (law no. 208/2015) and established by ministerial decree of 16 June 2016 e s.m.i.

The purpose of the Commission is to ensure that the essential levels of assistance are updated continuously, systematically, based on clear rules and scientifically sound criteria.