Board of directors


The Minister of Health, with a decree of 02.03.2020 (acquired with AOO-ISS protocol 18/03/ 2020-0009322) has appointed the new members of the Board of directors of the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS).


  • Prof. Silvio BRUSAFERRO - President of the ISS - Curriculum Vitae (link to the Italian page)


Designation of the Minister of Education, University and Research:

  • Prof.ssa Adriana Caterina MAGGI - Curriculum Vitae (link to the Italian page)

Designations of the Unified Conference:

Designations of the Minister of Health:

Secretary: Dr. Franceco BARNATO – Administrative director of the ISS


Board of directors and Scientific Committee

Regulation on the methods of operation of the Board of Directors and the Scientific Committee, Decree of the President of the Italian National Institute of Health of 27 June 2002, published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale, September 11, 2002, n. 213 (link to the Italian page)