Ethics Committee

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee (EC) of the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) is a body established by the ISS Statute with the mission to guide and evaluate research and experimentation from an ethical point of view, in compliance with current legislation. 

The ISS EC has the role to evaluate, approve and monitor research and clinical trial protocols according to the principles recognized by the main research ethics declarations at International level, and in accordance with current legislation. 

The ISS EC provides as well advice and opinions on the ethical aspects of research ISS activities, in relation to its functions and tasks defined by the ISS Regulation. 

Particularly important activities, with need of evaluation for ethical aspects, are for example: epidemiological, evaluative and medical social projects requiring the collection of personal data and projects with environmental ethics implications. Evaluation concerns also relevant institutional initiatives. 

The ISS EC has a training function in relation to bioethics issues and research methodology, as well as promotion of information and awareness-raising initiatives on ethical issues inside and outside the institution, through meetings, seminars, groups of study. 

The ISS EC has an advisory function for the Institute in relation to ethical issues connected with scientific, assistance, didactic and administrative activities, in order to protect and promote the values of the human person. 

The current ISS EC, in office since 23 Dcember 2020, is chaired by Dr. Carlo Petrini, Director of the ISS Bioethics Unit. 

The ISS EC is composed of twenty members, eleven of them external to the ISS, and has a scientific and an administrative Secretariat. 

All ISS structures and, in particular circumstances, external structures can contact the Committee. 

The Bioethics Unit deals with bioethical issues in research and institutional activities within the Institute and in connection with external institutions and provides support to the work of the ISS EC.