Central directorates

Central directorate for general affairs

Director: Dr. Claudia Mastrocola
phone: (+39) 06 4990 3320-6067
mail: dirag@iss.it

Central directorate for human and economic resources

Director: Dr. Rosa Maria Martoccia
phone: (+39) 06 4990 3451
mail: rosa.martoccia@iss.it

Organization of the central directorate for general affairs

The Central directorate for general affairs is divided into two offices of non-general managerial level:

Institutional and legal affairs
•    Responsible: Claudia Mastrocola
•    phone: (+39) 06 4990 3504
•    mail: claudia.mastrocola@iss.it
Provides legal advice on the various issues relating to the management of the ISS and the correct interpretation of the standard; takes care of the interests of the Institute before the ordinary, administrative and accounting magistrates, except for the labor dispute; takes care of the preliminary procedures for the appointment of the members of the collective bodies; performs secretarial functions of the collegial bodies envisaged by the regulations; takes care of the keeping of the deliberations of the collegiate bodies.

Logistics, design and maintenance office
•    Responsible: Giovanni Carabotta
•    phone: (+39) 06 4990 3381/2
•    mail: giovanni.carabotta@iss.it
It provides for the identification and programming of the necessary logistical interventions relating to the ISS structures and supervises their implementation; provides for the completion of the procedures relating to the acquisition of goods, services and works that are the responsibility of its structure; provides for the management of all necessary maintenance services. A non-general executive level manager with a master's degree in civil engineering and the relevant professional qualification is in charge of the same.

General affairs office
Director: Dr. Giuliana Eramo
phone: (+39) 06 4990 3388
mail: giuliana.eramo@iss.it

Duties: general and reserved affairs; Public relations office; research and analysis aimed at knowing the needs of users; information to users on documents and on the status of proceedings; coordination of the application of the legislation on the administrative procedure and methods of access to administrative documents; verification of the implementation of privacy and personal data protection requirements, archive and concierge management; staff well-being and gender equality; promotion of the employee's mental and physical well-being in the workplace and a single guarantee committee; relations with the Institute's employee association (Dopolavoro ISS).

Labor and disciplinary litigation office. Anti-corruption regulatory application and transparency
Director: Dr. Antonio Caliendo
phone: (+39) 06 4990 2649
mail: antonio.caliendo@iss.it

Duties: labor litigation and disciplinary proceedings; mobbing issues; support to the independent evaluation body; requirements for transparency, incompatibility, conflict of interest and anti-corruption; medico-legal practices; INAIL accident practices; authorizations to carry out tasks assigned to employees.

Organization of the Central Directorate for Human and Economic Resources

The Central Directorate for Human and Economic Resources is divided into five non-general managerial offices:

Budget, accounting and tax affairs office, economic treatment of personnel
Director: Dr. Barnato Francesco Pio
phone: (+39) 06 4990 2206
mail: francesco.barnato@iss.it

Duties: implementation of the accounting writing systems required by law; formal control over expenditure commitment documents, payments and collections; support activities for the board of auditors in relation to the exercise of control over the entity's activities and economic and accounting facts; management of relations with the credit institution in charge of the institution's treasury service; preparation of budget documents; Cash office; payment services; compliance with tax and social security legislation.
Liquidation to employees of the fundamental and accessory economic treatment; settlement of indemnities and fees due to members of committees, boards and commissions.

Legal treatment office for permanent and fixed-term staff and union relations.
Director: Dr. Marco Des Dorides
phone: (+39) 06 4990 6007
mail: marco.desdorides@iss.it

Duties: obligations relating to the legal treatment of personnel; transfers; commands and out of role placements; handouts and readmissions in service; part time; food stamps; staff leave, leave and expectations; authorization and monitoring of external assignments; sick leave; Registration office; application of supplementary contracts; takes care of relations with trade unions.
Requirements regarding the liquidation of the social security and staff retirement treatment.

Recruitment office, scholarships and training
Director: Dr. Stefano Di Matteo
phone: (+39) 06 4990 3445
mail: stefano.dimatteo@iss.it

Duties: requirements necessary for the recruitment of permanent staff and deeds relating to service assignments; requirements for the allocation of scholarships; training management.

Contracts office
Director: Dr. Alessandro Valente
phone: (+39) 06 4990 6064
mail: alessandro.valente@iss.it

Duties: contracts, for the award of services and supplies (with the exclusion of direct assignments of projects and conventions) in Italy and abroad; requirements for the acquisition of goods and services by carrying out ordinary tender procedures (open, restricted), negotiated procedures, market surveys (including those on the Public administration electronic market platform, MePa), adherence to conventions, framework agreements and other procedures; stipulation, approval and execution of contracts; requirements relating to keeping the register of suppliers of goods and services of the Institute, expenses for conferences, congresses, various scientific events; requirements for the stipulation of contracts abroad; Consignee's office.

Projects and conventions office
Director: Dr. Rosa Maria Martoccia
phone: (+39) 06 4990 3451
mail: rosa.martoccia@iss.it

Duties: conventions, consortia, foundations, corporate shareholdings, patents; administrative fulfilments relating to the management of conventions, collaboration agreements and projects (including direct assignments aimed at the purchase of goods and services); administrative requirements relating to the participation or establishment of consortia, foundations or companies with public and private, national, foreign and international entities. The office also takes care of the obligations relating to the management of the patent activity.