Director General: Dr. Andrea Piccioli

The Director General is responsible for the management of the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) and performs duties that are outside the specific competences of the President or managers.

The Director General strives to continuously improve the quality of work at ISS, respecting the environment and the health and safety of workers; implements the provisions of the Board of Directors and the President, and proposes to the President the adoption of deeds to be submitted to the Board of Directors.

He prepares the budget, as well as the general report of the Institute and any other variations to the budget itself; annually assigns the objectives to be achieved by managers in accordance with the threeyear business plan of the administrative operating area; identifies areas of need, planning their implementation on the basis of the budgetary resources and allocating them to the centers of responsibility.

In order to achieve the management objectives set by the three-year business plan, the Director General periodically checks the activity of the cost centers; approves the opening of competition procedures regarding services and supplies that exceed the EU threshold; determines the management objectives for the implementation of the three-year plan of activity and verifies its achievement; provides the structures of the technical-scientific area with strategic support and administrative-managerial and technical skills; develops and manages the institutional information and communication activities; is an employer for the purposes referred to in Legislative Decree 9 April 2008, n. 81, and subsequent modifications; on the proposal of general managers, he appoints second-tier managers, and proposes to the Chairman the appointment of first-tier managers, pursuant to Legislative Decree 30 March 2001, no. 165, and subsequent modifications.

For the performance of his functions, the Director General avails himself of offices directly identified and governed by specific regulations, made up of personnel included in the current staffing of the ISS.


The Management makes use, pursuant to art. 8, paragraph 2 of the Articles of Association, of the following support structures:

Director General's Secretariat

The secretary carries out support activities to perform its duties, coordinating the relative functions. An employee of the Institute is in charge of the secretariat, with the functions of head of the secretariat, identified by provision of the Director General.

Occupational health and safety

This office performs the duties of the prevention and protection service as indicated in art.33 of the legislative decree 9 April 2008, n. 81 and subsequent modifications, and the person in charge of the prevention and protection service, pursuant to art. 2, paragraph 1, letter f) of Legislative Decree 9 April 2008, n. 81 and subsequent amendments, identified among the employees of the Institute, by provision of the Director General.

Management planning and control

Responsible for preparing three-year planning tools for activities and performances, monitoring, periodically, the effectiveness and economy of the administrative action, evaluating the resources acquired and the costs of the activities, according to the predetermined efficacy and efficiency indicators, at different levels of responsibility; provides the Director General with the results of the periodic checks, in order to allow the relative decisions to be taken. The service is managed by a permanent employee of the Institute with adequate and specific professional experience. In the event that it is not possible to identify anyone among the staff employed the professionalism suitable for holding the position, we will proceed by means of an appeal, through the evaluation of the curricula entrusted to a specific commission, to examine the external candidacies of employees of the Public Administration who has adequate and specific professional experience.

Information technology

IT deals with defining and managing IT security policies relating to data, systems and infrastructures also in relation to the Institute's public connectivity system; designs, develops and manages the ICS infrastructure of the lSS: servers (physical, virtual and in the cloud), networks, information systems, telecommunications and telephony (fixed and mobile), scientific calculation, e-mail; designs, develops, coordinates and manages: internal and external services provided by the telecommunications and telephony information systems of the administration, Open data, Open access, technical-scientific applications, management information systems, administrative-accounting and research-related, databases, records; data analysis and management; designs, develops and coordinates institutional and thematic portals and websites; provides consultancy, seminars and training events in the ICT field.

Support to the Responsibles for purchasing procedures

(pursuant to art 31, paragraph 9 of the Public Contracts Code)
It has the following duties: support for the activities of the Responsibles for purchasing procedures in relation to the assignment of works and services; collaboration in the verification of the adequacy of the offers and the evaluation of abnormally low offers; activities aimed at improving the design activity with particular reference to contracts of particular complexity to be announced on the basis of specific financing or recourse to the financial market; support for the overall programming activity; verification of the effectiveness of the interventions carried out in relation to the works and services entrusted.

Security and access control

It performs the functions of daytime security, access control and evening and night monitoring in the areas belonging to the ISS and in the access gates; issue temporary badges (guests / external companies) with periodic control of visitors’ entrances.