Laboratorio nazionale di riferimento per la caratterizzazione dei ceppi e la genetica delle EST degli animali


Within the scope of the aforementioned tasks, the Istituto Superiore di Sanità is called upon to carry out the following activities: 

  • analysis of the prion protein (PrP) gene in all cases of ovine and caprine TSE confirmed in Italy 
  • annual analysis of the PrP gene in a representative sample of the population of regularly slaughtered sheep 
  • molecular analysis for strain characterization and discrimination between scrapie and BSE in all cases of ovine-caprine TSE confirmed in Italy 
  • molecular discrimination of BSE strains in all confirmed BSE cases in Italy 
  • where required by national and community legislation, it carries out biological characterization of prion strains by means of bioassay 
  • epidemiological analysis of the data relating to the genetic surveillance and characterization of sheep and goat TSE strains 
  • provides information to the European Commission, the Ministry of Health, the National Reference Center for TSEs, the IIZZSS and the other bodies indicated, according to the provisions by the aforementioned regulations 

Vocabolario LNR per caratterizzaz. ceppi e genetica delle EST degli animali


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