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Sprout-associated outbreak of VTEC O121 infection in USA

This is to bring to your attention a multistate outbreak of infections with VTEC O121 occurred in the United States and linked to the consumption of clover sprouts.
According to CDC and FDA, 10 cases of VTEC O121 infection have occurred in Idaho and Washington states. Five were hospitalized, but none developed HUS. Epidemiologic investigations indicated a link to eating raw clover sprouts, and a traceback investigation indicated a particular brand as the likely source of this outbreak.
This episode confirms the importance of sprouts as a possible source of VTEC infections, that in 2013 prompted the EC to emanate a set of...

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Encyclopedia of Food Safety

 Elsevier has published an "Encyclopedia of Food Safety" which contains a chapter on "Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli", written by A Caprioli, S Morabito and G Scavia.

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Pathogenic Escherichia coli book

 Stefano Morabito (EU Reference Laboratory for E. coli, Rome) presents a new publication on Pathogenic Escherichia coli

Pathogenic Escherichia coli: Molecular and Cellular Microbiology
Publisher: Caister Academic Press

The most important recent findings of the studies on pathogenic E. coli providing a timely overview of the field. Topics covered include: epidemiology of the disease in humans and animals and the biological mechanisms that shaped the pathogenic types of E. coli; shiga toxins; subtilase cytotoxin; cell cycle modulating toxins; the heat stable and heat labile enterotoxins; haemolysins; structural, molecular and functional characteristics of A/E lesions; colonization factor antigens of ETEC;...

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Human infections caused by VTEC strains harboring the vtx2f gene subtype

This is to bring to your attention the following article published in Eurosurveillance:

Friesema I, van der Zwaluw K, Schuurman T, Kooistra-Smid M, Franz E, van Duynhoven Y, van Pelt W. "Emergence of Escherichia coli encoding Shiga toxin 2f in humanShiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) infections in the Netherlands, January 2008 to December 2011". Euro Surveill. 2014;19(17):26-32.

The article, that has our colleague Eelco Franz (NRL NL) among the authors, reports that 87 out of the 351 (25 %) cases of VTEC non-O157 infections reported in the Netherlands between 2008 and 2011 were caused by strains possessing the vtx2f gene subtype. The vtx2f-positive strains isolated were usually...

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3rd Congress of the European Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (EAVLD)

 EAVLD and the Italian Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (SIDiLV) are happy to announce, that the

"3rd Congress of the European Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (EAVLD)"

will be held from 12 to 15 October, 2014, in Pisa, Italy.

The EAVLD Congress on veterinary diagnostics takes place every two years. The first edition was held in 2010 in Lelystad, the Netherlands, and the second in 2012 in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland.
Both editions have shown that there is a need to present and discuss the development and use of veterinary diagnostic tools on a European level. Over the last decade, technological developments have given a huge boost to the possibilities in diagnostics in general,...

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