Chemical substances and health protection


Chemical substances and health protection

National reference laboratory REACH - CLP

The National Center of Chemicals, Cosmetics and Consumer Protection (CNSC) of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS, the Italian National Institute of Health in Italy) has been identified as the National Reference Laboratory (LNR) REACH - CLP for the coordination of the network of control laboratories.

The NRL provides technical-scientific support to the network of laboratories and authorities for:

  • proposeing substances of interest for the planning of controls at national level
  • selectinng the test methods for the controls that the AC intends to implement
  • proposing annual plans of analytical control activities for sampling activities by central and regional control bodies and test activities of official laboratories
  • developing and validate new test methods and transfer test methods and sampling procedures to network laboratories
  • organizing inter-laboratory tests
  • developing data quality guidelines
  • training experts on quality management systems
  • verifing the structures at the request of the Regions, autonomous provinces or the competent authority, for the identification of interregional or national centers of excellence
  • performing audit analysis, where required by provisions