The organization chart defines the organizational structure of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS, the National Institute of Heath in Italy).
The Organs of the ISS are the President, the Board of Directors, the Scientific Committee, the Board of Auditors. They are supported by an Independent Evaluation Office and the National ethics committee for clinical trials of public research bodies and other national public institutions.
The organization of ISS includes an administrative operational area and a technical-scientific operational area, governed by the Directorate General and the Presidency.
The figure illustrates the organization of the Directorate General (and its structures) divided into two Central Directorates (General Affairs and Human and Economic Resources, each with its own offices), and of the Presidency (and its structures), which governs 6 Departments, 16 National Centers, 5 Technical-Scientific Services, 2 Reference Centers and a Notified Body.