Research Coordination and Support Service

Director: Dott.ssa Luisa Minghetti
phone: (+39) 06 4990 6840



The Research Coordination and Support Service (CoRi) works to promote research communities and international collaborations, to develop health-related research strategies in a coordinated way and to increase the quality of research.
Our activities follow three main lines:

Building national and international research networks and infrastructures

The National Autism Observatory has been set up to promote interventions aimed at guaranteeing health protection and improving conditions of life and inclusion in the social life of people with autism spectrum disorders, in accordance with the implementation of the law 18 August 2015, n. 134, containing "Provisions on the diagnosis, treatment and qualification of people with autism spectrum disorders and assistance to families".

Research infrastructures (RI) are European research consortia that provide "networks" of expertise and "networks" of services aimed at all fields of scientific research and innovation of pan-European interest. The Italian National Institute of Health (ISS), on behalf of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of University and Research, coordinates the Italian participation in the European legal consortia (ERIC) of RI in the biomedical field such as BBMRI, EATRIS, ECRIN. In particular, the CoRi personnel acts as government representatives on the European boards, coordinators of the national infrastructure nodes (for EATRIS and ECRIN) and of technical/scientific secretariat (for BBMRI).
For more information on RI, please visit the link

Support for researchers

The Service aims to enhance biomedical and health research through methodological interventions, training and research monitoring, and through the management of an institutional repository for research products.

Participation and coordination of European actions

In order to strengthen ISS relations and synergy with EU policies and programming and to promote the internationalization of research, CoRi collaborates with the ISS representative office in Brussels and with the Directorate General of research and innovation of the Ministry of Health. In this regard, the Ministry of Health and our Service coordinate and manage the European TRANSCAN-2 program.

The Service is also involved in strategic projects of national and international interest such as: PERMIT (PERsonalized MedicIne Trials), EOSC-Life (Providing an open collaborative space for digital biology in Europe), CRIGH (The Clinical Research Initiative for Global Health), EATRIS -PLUS and ADVANCE-Next Generation of Healthcare Scientists.


The Service is organized in a technical-administrative secretariat and few functional areas.

Technical-administrative secretariat

tel (+39) 06 4990 6841; e-mail:

European research infrastructures and national nodes

The coordination of the national nodes of the two European research infrastructures EATRIS and ECRIN is managed within our Service, as well as the national technical-scientific secretariat of the European infrastructure BBMRI.

For more information on BBMRI, EATRIS and ECRIN, please visit the link

National autism observatory (OssNA)

The institutional and research activities of OssNA include:

  • development of guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders in all ages of life
  • monitoring the implementation of guidelines for the promotion and improvement of the quality and appropriateness of care interventions in autism spectrum disorders
  • implementation of a network of territorial services (neonatology, family paediatrics, nursery schools / kindergartens, child neuropsychiatry, psychiatry) aimed at anticipating the diagnosis and intervention of neurodevelopment disorders and the global management of people in the spectrum autistic and with other mental disorders
  • implementation of a network of territorial services (neonatology, family paediatrics, nursery schools / kindergartens, infant neuropsychiatry, psychiatry) aimed at promoting neurodevelopment in the general population and at the diagnosis, intervention and global care of people in the autistic spectrum and their families
  • training initiatives for the medical, educational and social network on autism spectrum disorders
  • promoting the well-being and social inclusion of people with mental disorders through the health budget
  • development and coordination of national and international scientific networks in the field of neurodevelopment disorders in all ages of life

Osservatorio Nazionale Autismo (link to the Italian website)

Support for researchers

The service supports researchers' activities through:

  • research epidemiology studies and residential research methodology courses that investigate critical aspects concerning the direction and governance of healthcare research
  • the management of research products such as data, publications and patents in the ISS institutional repository in collaboration with other internal structures