Cardiovascular, endocrine-metabolic diseases and ageing

Director: Prof. Graziano Onder
phone: (+39) 06 4990 4231 


Department activities

Promotion of the health and longevity of the population through translational research and prevention in the field of cardiovascular and endocrine-metabolic diseases, which together constitute the area with the greatest impact in terms of morbidity, invalidity and mortality for the population, and in the context of healthy aging, as an objective to be achieved in terms of sustainability of the health and social system.

The Department uses multidisciplinary skills and has longitudinal studies on adult general population samples supported by banks of biological samples, surveillance systems, and is engaged in clinical, epidemiological and in vitro and in vivo research activities aimed at identification of new biomarkers. An important contribution in support of the National Health Service (NHS) is that of the development, application, evaluation, regulation and management of new technologies in relation to the indicated themes. Finally, training and information constitute strategic actions in the various areas, to spread knowledge and scientific evidence to decision-makers, operators, citizens, in order to protect and promote health and healthy aging.


Research Areas

  1. Cohorts of general adult population followed longitudinally, and databases aimed at assessing cardiovascular risk and diabetes
  2. Technical, scientific and regulatory support for specialists of implantable cardio-vascular devices. Development of algorithms for the risk of post-operative atrial fibrillation
  3. Study of the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying inflammatory, thrombotic and atherosclerotic events in subjects at cardio-cerebrovascular risk
  4. Prevention and etiopathogenesis of endocrine-metabolic pathologies with high socio-health impact, such as diabetes and thyroid pathologies
  5. Treatment of diabetic complications through the use of innovative technologies. Tools for the recovery and maintenance of the elderly's motor, physical and sensory function
  6. Evaluation of the factors linked to the aging of the population and in particular of the phenomena of fragility and multimorbidity. Creation of shared models for the prevention and management of frailty and multimorbidity in the elderly
  7. Health information: the integration of health data in order to study and evaluate the weight of chronic diseases for the NHS. Citizen health education (health literacy).

Institutional activity


Third mission

Department organization

The Department is composed of

  • a section coordinated directly by the Direction, which deals with epidemiological studies for on the risk factors of chronic pathologies, in particular cardiovascular, on cohorts of general adult and elderly population followed longitudinally, creation of specific databases, development and improvement of implantable cardiovascular devices
  • Unit New biomarkers and clinical epidemiology.


New biomarkers and clinical epidemiology 

Direttore:  dott. Marco Gabbianelli
telefono: (+39) 06 4990 2412

The Unit carries on translational research in the field of cardiovascular and endocrine-metabolic diseases, aiming at identifying new biomarkers, new therapeutic principles and instrumental techniques for the early diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases. The Unit includes: the National Register of Congenital Hypothyroids, the National Register of Growth Hormone Users, the National Observatory for the Monitoring of Iodoprophylaxis in Italy.