Progetto NAMS4NANO


NAMS4NANO - Integration of New Approach Methodologies results in chemical risk assessments: Case studies addressing nanoscale considerations

The Project

The integration of data from application of New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) in chemical risk assessment is considered a critical area for the successful application of Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA) and for facilitating the routine use of NAMs in risk assessments.

This EFSA-funded effort is subdivided in three lots with a 4-year duration. LOT 1 and 2 are coordinated by the German federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) and the Italian national Institute of health (ISS) is participating as partner, LOT 3 is coordinated by ISS. The NAMS4NANO consortium includes several EU partners, complemented by international (non-EU) research centres.

LOT 1 (Review of tools and developing a ‘Qualification System for NAMs’) focuses on (i) complementing the EFSA NAMs roadmap with a review of available NAM-based tools and methods for assessing the toxicity of nanoparticles, in particular those developed by recent EU Research projects, and (ii) developing and implementing a proposal for a “fit for purpose qualification system for NAMs” aimed at facilitating the regulatory use of NAM tools and methods.

LOT 2 (Risk assessment case studies) focuses on five case studies using NAMs for addressing the nanoscale considerations and integrating this information with existing information and knowledge for conducting a risk assessment for consumers.

LOT 3 (Methodological and generic case studies) focuses on five methodological and cross-cutting case studies. These do not cover a full risk assessment for a specific material, rather they aims to methodological progress and update of the EFSA guidance documents on nanospecific risk assessment.