Innovative technologies for health and telemedicine


Innovative technologies for health and telemedicine

Innovative technologies for health and telemedicine

The Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS, the National Institute of Health in Italy) develops research and projects for the protection and improvement of health through the scientifically validated use of technological innovations, the optimization in the use of radiation in medicine, the development of innovative therapeutic approaches through additive manufacturing (3D printing), personalized surgical planning, monitoring and evaluation of software applications (APP) falling within the scope of medical devices,  ultrastructural study of infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance.

The ISS also promotes studies on advanced machine learning solutions (machine learning, branch of artificial intelligence) to optimize the use of big data in healthcare and wellness, also through wearable sensor systems that are, themselves, the subject of specific research-development activities.

In the field of nanotechnologies, it realizes innovative techniques for the evaluation of medical devices containing nanomaterials, then comparing them, as required by international standards, with more traditional techniques.

In the telemedicine sector, health and social-health services are created and monitored, providing collaboration to bodies and organizations in the territory; developed and updated methods to manage cybersecurity and clinical risk, as well as to assess the cost-effectiveness of such services. In addition, models of design and conduct of telemedicine services, the use of real world big data are developed and national and international clinical trials in telemedicine and precision medicine are promoted and coordinated.

The centres involved have autonomous prototyping capabilities (electronics, mechanics, hydraulics, printing in 3 dimensions), thematic laboratories in favor of research and innovation, irradiation services and centralized management of large scientific instruments. All activities are carried out with multidisciplinary skills.

Dalla telemedicina alla Medicina digitale: il passo da fare in Italia

Uscire dalla sperimentazione della Telemedicina e andare verso un paradigma che ne faccia il perno di una riorganizzazione complessiva dei servizi sul territorio. I problemi da affrontare e alcuni elementi tratti da studi internazionali che possono fungere da fondamenti per una via italiana alla medicina digitale. 

Autori: Dott. Gabbrielli - Direttore del Centro Nazionale per la Telemedicina e le Nuove Tecnologie Assistenziali ; Ing. Mauro Caliani - Direttore U.O.C. Pianificazione innovazione tecnologica e sviluppo reti abilitanti, Azienda Usl Toscana Sud Est

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