Italian National Reference Laboratory for Metals and Nitrogenous Compounds in food

Italian National Reference Laboratory for Metals and Nitrogenous Compounds in Food

Italian National Reference Laboratory for Metals and Nitrogenous Compounds in food

Responsible: Angela Sorbo
Phone: (+39) 4990 2374

Contact person for nitrogenous compounds: Ilaria Altieri
Phone:  (+39) 06 49902044

Experts for metals:
Marilena D'Amato (
Anna Chiara Turco (

Experts for nitrogenous compounds:
Elisabetta Sagratella (
Francesco Scalise (

EURL of reference: EURL-MN

The NRL-MN was appointed on 27 June, 2019 by the Italian Ministry of Health pursuant to art. 100 and art.101 of Reg. (EU) 625/2017, aligning the tasks of the NRL for Heavy Metals in food (LNR-MPA, 2010-2019) to those of the EURL of reference (EURL-MN, European Union Reference Laboratory for Metals and Nitrogenous compounds in food and feed) as defined in Reg. (EU) 2018/192, for food only.

To ensure, within the system of official food controls, the harmonization of the methods of production and management of analytical results at national level with those of other EU member countries and with the indications of the EURL-MN.


The NRL-MN, in its area of competence:

  • collaborates with the EURL-MN by participating in informative / training events and inter-laboratory comparative / proficiency tests organised by it; communicates the information received to the Ministry of Health and the official control laboratories
  • in order to harmonise and improve the methods of analysis and their use by the official control laboratories, it organises an annual workshop for technical, scientific and legislative updating; collects and evaluates data on the analytical performance of the test methods used; arranges for the organisation of inter-laboratory comparative / proficiency tests, ensures their follow-up and communicates the results of tests and follow-ups to the competent authorities; where necessary, it develops its own test methods, carries out specific educational and / or training events and provides information on reagents and reference materials and their suppliers
  • offers scientific and technical assistance to the Ministry of Health for the preparation of multi-annual national control plans and coordinated control programs, for the evaluation of their results and for emerging problems; it participates, at the request of the Ministry of Health, in specific working groups in its area of competence, convened by the European Commission

Regulatory framework

  • Council Regulation (EEC) No 315/93 and subsequent amendments, laying down Community procedures for contaminants in food
  • EU Regulation 625/2017 and subsequent amendments, defining, among other issues, the official controls to be carried out to ensure the application of food law
  • EC Regulation 1881/2006 and subsequent amendments, setting the maximum levels of some contaminants in food products, including some metals and some nitrogenous compounds
  • Commission Regulation (EU) 2023/915 of 25 April 2023 on maximum levels for certain contaminants in food and repealing Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006

LNR per i metalli e i composti azotati negli alimenti

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