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Special on CoViD-19


Long-CoViD CCM Project: Aims

The general objective of monitoring the long-term effects of the CoViD-19 pandemic is split in 5 specific goals:

1.        Defining the dimensions of the Long-CoViD condition

2.        Mapping number, characteristics and distribution of Italian Long-CoViD centers. View the list of clinical centers and the publication of the article "Characteristics of Long-CoViD care centers in Italy. A national survey of 124 clinical sites".

3.        Defining the good clinical practices for the clinical management of patients with Long-CoViD. View the document "Buone pratiche cliniche per la gestione e presa in carico delle persone con Long-CoViD". View the publication of the article "Italian good practice recommendations on management of persons with Long-COVID".

4.        Setting up a Long-CoViD surveillance system

5.        Structuring of the national clinical network and dissemination activities, including webinars.