National Blood Centre

Directore: Dr. Vincenzo De Angelis
phone: (+39) 06 4990 4953
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It carries out functions of coordination and technical-scientific control in the field of transfusion activities, with reference to national and European standards in the sector, in order to promote and support the achievement of:

  • regional and national self-sufficiency of blood, blood components and blood products, of the highest levels of safety achievable in the process aimed at the donation and transfusion of blood and its products, for an effective protection of the health of citizens
  • homogeneous conditions, and qualitatively compliant with the European regulatory dictate, of the Transfusion System throughout the national territory
  • development of transfusion medicine, the appropriate use of blood and its products and specific diagnosis and treatment programs

To ensure the essential levels of care (Livelli Essenziali di Assistenza, LEA) of transfusion medicine in a homogeneous way throughout the national territory, the National Blood Center (CNS) commits all the actors of the system - Donor Associations and Federations, Regional Coordination for Transfusion Activity, Transfusion Services, Regions and Autonomous Provinces, Local Health Units, Transfusion Service of the Armed Forces - to a constant maintenance and monitoring of the defined programs  and the timely adoption of the necessary measures to monitor any emerging criticalities. The objectives for self-sufficiency must also meet fundamental and specific quality requirements, the achievement of which strongly depends on the progressive organizational, technological and structural adaptation of the operational nodes of the Network in accordance with the quality and safety requirements established, as well as by national standards, by Community standards to guarantee homogeneous levels of quality of the sector throughout the territory of the European Union. The Centre, finally, promotes scientific research and training in transfusion medicine and since 2018 has obtained ISO 9001 certification.