Clinical guideline for the treatment of tobacco and nicotine dependence

The National Centre for Addiction and Doping (CNDD) in collaboration with the Epidemiology Department of the S.S.R. ASL Roma 1 - Lazio Region, and under the supervision of CNEC, as part of the mandate implemented by SNLG, started the project “Clinical guidelines for the treatment of tobacco and nicotine dependence”, with the aim of formulating evidence-based recommendations to promote the cessation of traditional cigarette smoking, heated tobacco products and nicotine-containing products consumption

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Alcohol is one of the main risk factors for disease, disability and premature mortality in Italy, Europe, and in the world


Drug addiction is an evolving and changing topic, represented by the phenomenon of the poly-intake of classical abuse substances, including alcohol and new psychoactive substances


Gambling disorder is persistent or recurrent problematic gambling-related behavior that leads to clinically significant distress or impairment


Doping is a problem concerning both sports ethics and the protection of the health of those who practice competitive and amateur sports activities


Tobacco use is one of the major risk factors for cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases...


Internet dependency calls for increasing attention from experts; it concerns a super investment in online activities

Eating disorders

Eating disorders are several and characterized by altered relationships with food...

Help lines

Help lines dedicated to fight against drugs, gambling, smoking, alcohol, doping


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