European Union Reference Laboratory for Parasites


European Union Reference Laboratory for Parasites

Proficiency testing

One of the tasks of the European Union Reference Laboratory for Parasites (EURLP) is to organize proficiency testing (PT) for National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) of the European Union (EU) and for public laboratories of associated countries. For these laboratories, participation to the PT schemes is free of cost. The PT scheme is announced at the beginning of each year by e-mail. Any change in the PT schedule and/or in their planning/management, will be promptly communicated by e-mail.

Upon specific and motivated request, other public Institutions, such as Universities and Research Centers, may also participate to the PT schemes at no charge.

The participation to the PT schemes of private laboratories is generally not allowed. However, in case of specific needs, which will be assessed on an individual basis by the Director and by the PT scheme coordinator, these laboratories may be admitted by way of derogation. In that case, the cost of participation will be charged to the requesting laboratory (consult the “Price List” document, available as attachment, for additional information).

The EURLP organizes the following PTs:

  • artificial digestion to detect Trichinella larvae in meat samples according to Reg. EU 2020/1478 and Annex III Reg UE 2015/1375 (accredited scheme)

  • identification of Trichinella larvae at the species level by a molecular method (accredited scheme)

  • detection of Anisakidae L3 larvae in fish fillets (accredited scheme)

  • detection of Echinococcus sp. worms in the intestinal mucosa of the definitive host (accredited scheme)

  • molecular identification of Anisakid nematodes at the species level (accredited scheme)

  • molecular identification of Echinococcus at the species level (not accredited scheme)

  • detection of anti-Toxoplasma IgG in animal serum samples (not accredited scheme)

A description of the aims and requirements for participation for each PT can be found at the bottom of the page.

A link to an on-line registration form will be provided by e-mail to the admitted laboratories.

Reports: The EURLP provides to each participant an Individual PT Report that includes the following information: 

  • the expected results for each item
  • the obtained results for each item
  • a final evaluation
  • recommendations based on the participant performance

A Final PT report is made available to all participants and published on the EURLP web site no longer than 30 working days after the due date to submit results. The PT results are presented and discussed during the annual NRL workshop.

To guarantee confidentiality, the Individual PT report is available only to the participant laboratory, and, in the Final PT report, only laboratory codes are displayed. The PT Reports are stored by the EURLP for 10 years. The EURLP reserves itself the right to provide the laboratory PT result to the competent authority upon request.

Claim/Appeal: The EURLP provides a form to report any claim/appeal from the participant, to the PT scheme, see attachments below.

On receiving a claim/appeal, the head of the Unit evaluate its validity, discuss with the function/functions involved, establish the measures to adopt and define the communication to provide to the applicant. If the claim/appeal is addressed to the head of the Unit, indipendent personnel will be identified to evaluate the claim/appeal, to estabilish the measure to adopt and communicate to the applicant. Indipendent personnel will be identified within the Unit. The applicant will be informed on the measures adopted and the schedule. Feed back information on the satisfaction will be asked to the applicant.