ISS projects

Scientific research has been at the heart of the mission of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) since its foundation. Implemented through both national and international projects, it has been producing numerous publications in prestigious scientific journals, communications at congresses and awards.

Rich and varied, it is divided into multiple collaborations in the areas of excellence of the Institute.

Some projects are reported below:

  1. The future depends on us
  2. BiLiGeCT - Project title: Liquid Biopsies for the Clinical Management of Tumors
  3. 3D bioprinting of human skin and squamous cell tumors as advanced models for precision medicine
  4. Plant biodiversity for the sustainable production of molecules with antiviral properties: plant "stem" cells as sources of defensins
  5. Processing of clinical data with artificial intelligence methodologies for federated healthcare facilities in compliance with the GDPR- FedMedAI
  6. Fluorescent Nuclear Track Detector for Radiobiology - Biotrack
  7. Inhibition of human GTPASE RAC1 as a strategy for the development of new drugs against malaria and leishmaniasis - MALERAC
  8. Life Science Excellence Hub (LSEH)
  9. High Pressure Sanification of Water for Foodborne Virus removal (HPSWFood)
  10. Development and implementation of a collaborative platform for advanced neuroimaging methods (NBP - Neuro Brain Platform)
  11. Development of nanosystems based on substances of natural origin in the treatment of respiratory virus infections and the inflammatory processes associated with them
  12. TRUST-ME