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Ethology and Psychobiology Workshop
22/12/2020 Organized as part of the "National Scientific Degrees Plan (PLS)" established by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, together with the "Sapienza" University of Rome. Target: Upper secondary school students and teachers Products: seminars and workshops This workshop is addressed to teachers and students who show an interest in scientific subjects. It takes place over three afternoon meetings. Meeting 1: gen...

The Environment, Climate and Promoting Children’s Health
27/10/2020 The CCM 2017 Project aims to develop and promote action and prevention strategies for children’s health focusing on the environment. It is also known as "NèB – Natura è Benessere” (Nature is Wellbeing) and is represented by a drawing made by an imaginative 9-year-old girl, where the character’s tight network of nerve connections is made to resemble a plant’s sap vessels. Target: primary and lower secondary school students and teachers&nbs...