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An Introduction to the Profession of Researcher and Toxicologist
22/12/2020 School children learn about what researchers and toxicologists do through simple experiments. Printed material was prepared, such as a poster about the experimental scientific method to be followed when conducting experiments, as well as a notebook describing experimental protocols and explaining theoretical concepts through games, cartoons and illustrated stories. Target: primary school students Products: printed material Produced in ...

Be a Researcher for a Day at the National Twin Register
22/12/2020 This event falls within the scope of the activities of the National Twin Register run by the Reference Centre for Behavioural Sciences and Mental Health of the ISS. The Registry is a biomedical research tool that includes pairs of twins who reside in Italy and want to participate in medical and scientific research projects to improve the health of the Italian population. In addition to studying the role of genetic and environmental factors in t...

Biophysics Laboratory
22/12/2020 Cooperating with the LAB2GO Scienza Dual Education and Work-based Learning project of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and Sapienza University of Rome ( The general aim of this project is to help disseminate laboratory practices in schools. For this purpose, upper secondary school students were hosted by the biophysics laboratory at the National Centre for Innovative Public Health Technologies (TISP) of the...

IntervISSte ai giovani ricercatori (Interviews with Young ISS Researchers)
27/10/2020 In order to guide young secondary school students towards pursuing a career as researchers, the ISS Scientific Communication Service launched a project called "IntervISSte" (ISS Interviews): a video repository detailing the stories, anecdotes and feelings that motivated young ISS researchers to achieve important professional goals. In addition to the scientific achievements of researchers, interviews describe their lives, educational background...

La ricerca ti cerca (Research Is Searching for You)
22/12/2020 Meeting at the Vittoria Colonna School in Rome. The school comprises a Liceo Scientifico (upper secondary school, with a focus on Science and Applied Sciences in particular); Liceo Linguistico (foreign languages); Liceo delle Scienze Umane (human sciences); Liceo Economico Sociale (economics and social sciences). This meeting was included in the memorandum of understanding signed by the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Resear...

Let’s do STEM: More Girls for Science
22/12/2020 This initiative is meant to promote young women’s empowerment and gender equality starting from early adolescence. The aim is to direct young girls towards scientific studies, guiding them to make informed choices, that are not dictated by prejudice or a lack of confidence in their capacities. Young female university students and experienced women who have reached prominent positions in the scientific community organize interactive meetings and...