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Corpuscle Land
22/12/2020 Corpuscle Land (Globulandia) is a museum exhibit in which a sensory adventure-path leads visitors to the discovery of blood, stimulating the learning of notions of biology and of the history of medicine, promoting a conscious choice towards blood donation, as an indicator of health and of an extraordinary habit. The aim of the project is to create a synergy between the exhibit and visitors, to develop a strong association between the flow of bloo...

Glob Theatre
27/10/2020 The purpose of this project is to offer an unconventional and high-tech training opportunity while promoting the culture of donating and providing correct information about the blood system. Target: primary and (lower and upper) secondary school students and teachers  Products: digital and multimedia material  Educational Box  This interactive educational booth will include, among other things, smartphones and visors to...

Salvo and Gaia. A Gift Worth a Life!
22/12/2020 This is a 6-episode cartoon in which the main characters set out on a journey on their “medicycle” to discover the “fantasticous” human body, wondering how it works and, in some cases, how to “fix” it. The sensitive topic of organ, tissue and cell donation was addressed as part of a broader debate on health education, which is fundamental to guide “tomorrow’s adults” towards healthy habits, by encouraging kids to think about how our body is struc...